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winter caution

With winter approaching we need to discuss some guidelines we need to take to keep our birds safe.

1. Please keep cages away from drafty doors and windows. If you are unable to relocate the cages away from these areas, cover that side of the cage with thick plastic and blankets.

2. Avoid frequent baths and mist showers. Just provide a dish for bird to bath on their own terms.

3. Monitor your bird. Birds will become fluffed up when they are cold. If bird is cold please bring them to a warmer area.

4. Use bird safe space heaters. The only safe type is the radiator space heater. Many other space heaters contain teflon which is deadly for your birds, this includes those fancy electronic fireplaces.

6. Avoid taking bird outside. If your bird must leave the house, have the car running and warm then drape a thick blanket over the carrier.

7. Be prepared for power outage. Have hand warmers available to place in socks. Gallons of water on hand to heat up and place in cages. If your able, have a generator on hand. If temps get frigid then removal from house and into a heated car may be required.

Remember most pet birds are from warmer climates and can not survive this mid-

west winters.

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