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Boarding Birds for the Holidays

With holidays approaching, we have already had people ask about boarding their birds for the holiday. As much as I would love to welcome all your feathered friends into my home, this is not safe practice. Birds are very susceptible to disease and illness. There are many deadly bird illnesses that can be passed from bird to bird. Some birds can be symptom free carriers of many of these deadly illnesses. This is why there is a mandatory of minimum 30 day quarantine period when bringing in new birds. Birds have a natural instinct to hide when they are not feeling well. This is to prevent predators from detecting a "weak link". When birds become symptomatic, it is usually a critical situation and need vetting as soon as possible.

With that being said, what do you do when you're away for the holidays? You have a couple different options.

  1. Hire a pet sitter to come to your home. There are several different pet services available with certificate pet sitters. These services are not just for dogs and cats.

  2. Have a trusted family member or friend stop by. When away, have someone come over once a day or even every other day. Extra food and water dishes provided. You can even set up live cameras to check in on them between sitters visits.

  3. Take them with. Birds can stay in smaller cages or carriers during your stay. You don't need to haul large cages with you. As long as your bird has time out of the cage, I'm sure this is their preferred option.

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