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How to get a Piper's Aviary bird

The first step in receiving a Piper's Aviary bird is to review and fill out the required contract.  No bird leaves without a signed contract on file.  The contract is there to protect both buyer and seller but most importantly, to protect the bird.  Our contract is an electronic contract that can be downloaded once completed by both parties.  To request to view or fill out the contract, please fill out the "Request a Contract" box and we will send one to you via email.

After a contract is on file, there are two available options on how to receive a Piper's Aviary bird.

1.  You can be placed on the reserve list.  Those on the reserve list have first priority and pick of newly hatched babies.  You can select preferred gender and mutation at time of reserve.  When gender and mutation of babies are known (approximately 2-3 weeks old), we go down the reserve list and allow families to select their baby.  Those on the reserve list the longest will have first pick.  To be placed on the reserve list, there is a requirement of a $50 deposit to hold your baby.  This $50 will go towards the total price of the bird and is non-refundable after the 2 week grace period.  To view current reserve list, click here.

2.  After those on the reserve list have picked from the clutch, the remaining babies will become available.  These babies will be posted on the Available birds page on the website as well as our Facebook group.  In order to hold a baby less than 10 weeks old and not yet weaned, the $50 deposit is required.  When a bird reaches 10 week old and is fully weaned, Piper's Aviary will hold babies no longer than 24 hours without a deposit. 

Request a Contract

The contract will arrive in your email within 48 hours. Thank you for your interest in Piper's Aviary.

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