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Available Birds

Steps required to adopt a Piper's Aviary bird...

For Babies:  There are two ways to obtain one of our sweet loving babies.  You can either be placed on our reserve list or wait for one to become available.  When babies gender and mutation are both known, we will first go down our reserve list for families to pick their baby.  Those on the reserve list have priority in selecting their new family member.  Once we have gone down the reserve list, the babies will be placed as "available".  The available babies are first come first serve.  To hold a baby, a signed contract and $50 deposit are required.  This is for both reserves as well as available babies who are selected prior to weaning.  If a baby is already weaned and ready to go, then a deposit is not required but a contract still needs to be signed.  No baby leaves us without a signed contract.  Once a contract is signed for the weaned baby, you will have 48 hours to pick up baby.  If you are unable to pick up the baby within 48 hours then the baby will be placed back as available.


Piper's Aviary will take on rescue birds from time to time.  These birds will be vetted as needed.  Diets switched over to a more balanced diet and will be rehabilitated to prepare them for a new home.  Not all rescues will be friendly but a detailed description will be given to ensure they are going to their forever home.  Rescues will be available at a discounted rate and no deposit is required.  To obtain a rescue, a signed contract is required.  Just like the babies, once you have filled out a contract, the bird will be put on a 48 hour hold for you.  Bird must be picked up within the 48 hours or the bird will be placed back as available.


Retired breeder birds will also become available at times.  Retired breeder does not necessarily mean "old".  We may retire a breeder from our breeding program for other reasons such as genetic defaults, non-attentive parent, or infertility.  Some our breeders can transition perfectly into a pet life and can be hand tamed and friendly.  Some may need a little work to become the pet you want.  Then there are some that you may never be able to handle.  Retired breeders will have a descriptive summary of personality as well homing needs listed with their photo so you can choose which bird will work best with your family.  Retired breeders require a signed contract and are available at a discounted rate.  You will have a 48 hours hold to pick up the retiree prior to being place again as available.  

Piper's Aviary does not surrender birds to shelters, rescues, or sanctuaries.  If a bird does not find a forever home they will reside the rest of their days here with us.

Babies Available

Rescues/retired breeders


Peridot is a rare emerald female cockatiel.  Age is unknown at this time.  She was purchased as a 2 year old breeding hen last year but egg quality indicates otherwise per vet assessment.  Peridot is timid of people and would do best in a home where she will not be handled.  Peridot would love a female companion to spend the rest of her years with.


Purdy is a beautiful cinnamon lutino pearl.  She was hatched in 2013 and has reached the age of retirement.  Purdy is very scared of being handled and MUST be in a quiet home with no physical interaction with people.  She will occasionally chirp with soft spoken voices.  She would do best with another female as a companion so she does not get lonely.   Purdy is frequently given the option for out of the cage time but prefers to hang out in her cage, with the door wide open she will remain in her cage so a large cage is suggested for her.

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